Conduct Remote Proceedings & Interviews Securely with TrialMax Cloud®

TrialMax Cloud®, created by FTI Consulting, offers your trial team an online portal to review, collaborate and generate reports from video depositions and manage your trial exhibits in one central location.
Specifically designed to meet the needs of serial and multi-district litigation, TrialMax Cloud® fills the gap between discovery and trial. Because TrialMax Cloud® was made to work seamlessly with TrialMax®, the output is easily accessible for reuse by our technology consultants in court.

How TrialMax Cloud® Improves Your Trial Preparation Workflow

Intuitive Interface

Whether we load your designations or you create them yourself, the intuitive interface makes it easy for you to review and edit deposition video, customize and apply issue codes, and add comments on our secure, online platform, using any browser and operating system.

Collaborative Environment

TrialMax Cloud® creates a collaborative environment, allowing you to share only the files and videos you wish with experts, co-counsel, local counsel, or even opposing counsel – saving time and effort in your workflow.


While your data is in the cloud, you can rest assured that we use strong cloud-hosting security, every step of the way, from upload, through storage, and streaming.

Built for Serial Litigation

In serial and multi-district litigation, TrialMax Cloud’s® instant access means every member of the legal team is quickly updated with both the latest designations and any rulings on objections – valuable information for subsequent trials.

Highly Customizable

Because TrialMax Cloud® is owned and maintained by FTI, our team of developers can work directly with you to add new features or customize reports to meet your individual needs.

Key Features
Bridges the gap between discovery and trial preparation
Easy to load and view opposing counsel’s designations
Track and update objections and rulings in serial and multi-district litigation
Review & edit designations loaded by FTI Consulting or make them yourself
View video depositions with synchronized scrolling transcript text
Easily customize & apply issue coding
Easy & Secure
Easy-to-navigate user portal where clients can collaborate and prepare for trial
Authorized users have instant access using any browser, including tablets
Easy-to-read custom reports
Interface is available in any language
Strong cloud-hosting security
Optional dual-factor and other firmwide authentication tools

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