When Your Demands Require More Than a Basic Videoconference, FTI Offers Secure Virtual Capabilities
Conduct Remote Proceedings & Interviews Securely with

  • FTI provides a “Remote Equipment Kit” option – malware & virus-free, secure, easy setup, remotely-managed, multiscreen system

  • FTI’s TrialMax Cloud® – integrated access to FTI’s secure online portal to review, manage and collaborate on exhibits and video depositions

  • FTI Technical Manager to ensure reliability & security

  • Locked Down per FTI Consulting’s Cybersecurity Practice Guidelines

  • Training for all key participants, including a “sandbox environment” to practice

  • FTI Trial Technology Professional, providing real-time display of evidence, video & other media on a secondary monitor

  • Private & secure gallery for observation by invited parties

  • Optional Court Reporter for real-time transcript

Investigative Interviews


Hearings & Trials

The Details

While most videoconference platforms allow you to communicate with relevant participants and view shared documents, they aren’t designed to serve truly high-stakes situations. FTI has worked closely with our clients to ensure that our solution provides the security, reliability, and ease of use needed to provide solutions that really work.

Your FTI Technical Manager is a dedicated resource, before and during the proceeding or interview. In addition to arranging for equipment and training,

they will “host” the meeting, monitoring, and troubleshooting in real-time to ensure everything runs smoothly, so you can focus on the substance.

FTI “Remote Equipment Kit” option includes a malware & virus-free, secure, easy setup, remotely managed, multiscreen system. The additional screens allow for simultaneous viewing of participants, document repository, documents being displayed, optional real-time transcript.

FTI “Remote Equipment Kit” Option

  • Arrives in a single box, requiring simple plug-in of one power cord and a single cable to external monitor(s), and an available internet connection
  • Includes additional screens to allow easy, simultaneous view of participants, and optional real-time transcript, document repository, and documents being displayed during the proceeding
  • Remotely managed by FTI’s Technical Manager to configure and troubleshoot

FTI Technical Manager

  • Coordinates with all participants and arranges for equipment needs and access to TrialMax Cloud® for secure document sharing
  • Provides training and a “sandbox environment” to ensure comfort with the technology
  • Performs “host” functions during the proceeding/interview
  • Ensures technical security and confidentiality of the proceeding/interview
  • Monitors, supports and troubleshoots the video conferencing system throughout the entire proceeding/interview

FTI Evidence Display Professional

  • Takes direction from appropriate participant to display evidence, including real-time annotations to documents, to help everyone follow along
  • Displays various media, including video and graphics
  • Able to switch display control to another participant, when preferred

Arbitrators, Counsel, Interviewer and Active Witness or Subject

  • Full video and audio participation
  • Malware/virus-free laptops provide a simultaneous view of counsel and witness
  • FTI-provided systems option includes additional monitors for concurrent viewing of documents, other key material, and real-time transcript feed, if applicable
  • Access to shared documents via FTI’s TrialMax Cloud®
  • Worry-free technology – all participants monitored and supported by FTI Technical Manager throughout the proceeding


  • Optional “observe-only” access to video and audio can be changed on-the-fly to “full access” by the FTI Technical Manager at the lead participants’ direction
  • Secure plug-and-play equipment optionally provided by FTI
  • Access to real-time transcript feed, if applicable
  • Access to technical support throughout the proceeding/interview via the FTI Technical Manager

Court Reporter (when applicable)

  • “Observe-only” access to video and audio controlled by the FTI Technical Manager
  • Feeds transcript in real-time to the panel, counsel and viewing gallery
  • Access to technical support throughout the proceeding via the FTI Technical Manager

Preservation of the Proceeding or Interview (when applicable)

  • Optional audio and video capture using private, simultaneous software and hardware recording
  • Transcription available live or after the fact
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