Frequently Asked Questions

How will printed or electronic documents be managed and shared among the parties?

FTI’s TrialMax Cloud® is a secure document sharing and video conference portal.

Are all participants on secure computers, ideally with additional display screens?

FTI provides secure, plug-and-play laptops that are malware/virus-free and are sent with an additional flip-stand monitor. Equipment arrives in one box before prior to the scheduled start, requiring attachment of only one cable and a power supply. The FTI Technical Manager oversees the interview or proceeding to ensure reliability and security, in compliance with the guidelines of FTI’s Cybersecurity Practice.

If requested, how are the proceedings safely recorded and the materials preserved?

FTI offers simultaneous software and hardware recording and backup solutions, with available transcription.

How are documents presented to the participants?

Our daily fee includes FTI’s Evidence Display Professional operating our proprietary TrialMax® presentation software to seamlessly integrate into the interview or proceeding and provide real-time document annotations, display video and any other media.

How to ensure that everything runs smoothly?

We provide training and a sandbox environment to ensure familiarity. Our daily fee includes an FTI Technical Manager to provide real-time support and technical assistance throughout the interview or proceeding.

Can the chat function be disabled to avoid chats inadvertently becoming part of the record?

FTI’s Technical Manager oversees the interview and controls which features of the program are available.

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